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Cathy Lang is a veteran of the Fitness Industry. Her more than 20 years of experience in facility management, sales and personal training are unparalleled. The former trainer of NFL and NBA athletes is also the author of Cathy Lang’s Wardrobe Workouts: Bye Bye Bra Fat (Nightengale Press, 2004) and spent a decade as a television expert, most notably serving as Spokesperson for Lady Foot Locker. Wardrobe Workouts was a first to market idea, launched in conjunction with the Golden Globe Awards. In 2005 Lang noted “I understand why women workout because I too think about workouts in terms of what I want to wear, and this book can help you look and feel your best in any style, whether an open back dress or low-rise jeans,” explained Lang. “You choose the garment, this book will show you the exercises to look better in it.” Now a mom of a young son, Cathy has reimagined the seemingly unattainable goal that is ‘work-life balance. Modern moms agree that the list of things to do in any given day is long and generally leaves no time for themselves. Cathy is no different. She decided to solve her own challenges by creating spaces for moms: Ma Spa & Ma Bod Self-Care When You Don’t Have Day Care

Do moms deserve a retreat where they can be pampered in blissful silence? Absolutely!...but it doesn’t happen. There is grocery shopping and baseball practice...who will watch the kids?...what if the babysitter isn’t available at the same time your favorite yoga class starts? I want to use my babysitting favors for a manicure? Basically moms need the stars to align to get a facial, spray tan, pedicure or to get some exercise.

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